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    Concrete Foundation Install or Repair In Seattle

    Concrete Foundation & Foundation Repair In SeattleYour home's foundation is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of it because it affects the structural building of the entire structure. Therefore, the foundation's construction, both in terms of the type of foundation built and how it is made, must be taken seriously.

    It is also vital to minimize settlement concerns, and the final curing period deserves extra attention. Every aspect of the construction will receive the attention it deserves by Concrete Contractors of Seattle.

    We understand a foundation problem is one of the worst things that can happen to a structure. For this, we do all we can to get you the best concrete foundation at a reasonable price at any type residential or commercial project, no matter the type of foundation you select for your home.

    T-Shaped Foundations

    The T-shaped foundation is the most common type of foundation used in areas where the ground freezes. When building this foundation, it's essential to maintain the foundation's footing below the frost line. After our experts lay the foundation, the walls can be added on top of it.

    The footing for a T-shaped foundation will be made broader than the wall. The wall will be given more support because of this. The construction of the walls can begin after we lay the T-shaped foundation, and it has the right time to cure.

    We can then pour the concrete slab is then poured in between the walls. For additional information on T-shaped concrete foundations or concrete retaining walls, please contact us.

    The concrete foundation will be made on a slab-on-grade basis.A slab-on-grade foundation is madefrom a single layer of concrete best suited for areas where the ground does not freeze during the winter.

    This concrete slab is typically several inches thick and is poured with reinforcing rods at the thickened edges to strengthen it.

    We always prep the ground before pouring, and the slab sits on a bed of crushed gravel, just like any other foundation type. To lessen the chances of cracking, we additionally include a casting wire mesh in the slab.


    Another building foundation is a frost-protected foundation, which protects the building footing by keeping it at a temperature above that of the surrounding ground.

    We use two firm polystyrene sheets as foundation insulation in this type of structure. One sheet is added at the foundation's base before the slab is poured, while the other will be placed on the foundation's outside.

    This is a modified slab-on-grade foundation type explicitly designed for areas prone to ground icing.

    Foundation Durability

    We pay great attention to every activity for the distinct phases of the project, matter of the type of concrete foundation we are pouring. We have state-of-the-art equipment for every stage of the project at Concrete Contractors of Seattle.

    Every stage of the project goes through expert planning and has workers with years of experience and various work sets on hand to ensure that the foundation is of high quality.

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